Милена Нейова, създател и ръководител на ателие "Прегърни ме"

Децата, техните радости и успехи, те ме вдъхновяват и осмислят. Повечето от тях идват в ателието с комплекса на изоставеното, нехаресваното, необичаното дете, което расте с нагласата, че светът е лошо място, че животът е гадна работа, а то е само. Затова трябва да се научи да оцелява, следвайки закона на джунглата, където по-силният изяжда по-слабия. Затова повечето от тях, за да оцелеят, искат да са силни, страшни и лоши. А ние ги учим на други неща – че човек не е сам, че доброто и красивото е по-силно от злото.

Anyo Kyong, Student


I visit the Atelier '' Hug Me '' since the summer of 2010. For all these years spent in the workshop, I have learned, seen and experienced many good things. For me, the work there is an enormous pleasure. I have grown and developed in this Atelier and want to keep it this way.

Albena Stambolova, Psychologist

Psychologist by profession and a writer by vocation. I work with Atelier '' Hug Me '' whenever I can, and sometimes when I must. I have had experience with marginalized children and youth in France. Most of all I love to observe and accompany children when they are on vacation, when they draw and watch movies, when they talk and ask questions. I'm available for consultation and support to young and adult.

Amenun Geneva, Artist

When I was little, all I wanted was to have friends!
My name is Amenun, I am an artist. To this day I believe are about to fall, there is someone to lean upon. In the Atelier we learn not only to paint, we learn to accept any worldview and difference in the children. Their freedom to express themselves by studying various great artists, techniques, allows them to easily find their underlying potential and strength. In "'Hug Me'' abandoned children find love and support that everyone needs!in beauty and love. For me, art is the only way to have them in life. Seven years ago, my path took me to the doors of the Atelier ''Hug Me'' where I met wonderful and capable children craving for the beautiful. In all the years my goal is to open their hearts for goodness, to teach them to believe in themselves. Everyone needs a friend to trust. It is important for everybody to know that when falling down, someone will be there for you. In the Atelier we are not only learning how to draw, we learn how to accept and respect every worldview and difference, in between. When they learn about great authors, great artists, how explore creative technics that give them the freedom to express, to open and discover naturally their true potential and strength. In Atelier Hug Me the abandoned children find love, hope and support that everybody needs.

Albena Limoni, Artist


I am Albena Limoni, and I am one of the artists at the Atelier ''Hug Me''. I graduated from the Art Academy and presently am doing my Master degree there. Working with children is another type of learning process, during which both sides give, receive and create. AND THIS IS GREAT!

Violeta Halvajieva, Artist


I love this place! I love kids who come! Earth is a strange and big. Everyone looks for their island. The Atelier is one of the islands I found.

Rumi Rachkova, Artist

It all started about two years ago when I was invited to join the team of Atelier ''Hug Me''. I was warmly greeted by the staff and the children. In "Hug Me" we use creativity to help children and young people understand the feelings and desires. We teach them to express their creative activity and emotion, using a variety of materials. We work with clay, paper, textile, we create posters, collages, puppets. The process of drawing, writing a text or any other occupation provokes psychological powers, and supports emotional recovery. Art is magic, and when children touch it they immerse in another world, which makes them better, more humane, more capable, more knowledgeable. We teach them to be themselves.

Desislava Kamenova, Lawyer

I met Milena Neyova by chance couple of years ago. I started helping the Atelier and consulting on various ideas for future projects. I embraced the idea to come closer to stay so imperceptibly. The contact with these children is a big challenge. I'm used to the business environment of my own professional life, but I dared to become their friend and never regretted it. In "Hug Me", this warm, tidy and cozy space, there are so many different people gathered by the idea of being together, being closer to this children, so that the feeling of confidence remains in their hearts. Confidence that they can be like any one of us, who sit beside them. We draw, speak, eat during the breaks, and laugh ... I admit it is difficult to approach these children, because the responsibility is big, but once you are there, you simply can't leave.

contacts: +359 878 171440 Milena Neyova, e-mail: pregarni_me@abv.bg