Creative Vacation "Children Cinema and Psychoanalysis"

In the summer of 2011 in New Panicharevo we organized the first vacation "Children Cinema and Psychoanalysis" with 17 children from 2 Sofia-based foster homes. For a week the children worked with psychologists watching movies, drawing pictures in teams and alone, and then participated in group discussions moderated by experts, in which each participant had the opportunity to see the work created by others and to hear their opinions and assessment. Classes were filmed by two cameramen and compiled into a film with the working title "Children Cinema and Psychoanalysis," which we showed to the children and visitors from the village on the last night. Special guest at the screening of the film "The Adventures of Spas and Nelly" was Itsko Fintsi. Discussion leaders included Prof. Andreas Hamburger, Doctor Vivian Pramatarov, Albena Stambolova, Kamelia Hancheva and Ralitsa Drandarova.

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