Once upon a time there was a boy...

Once upon a time there was a boy called Bobby. He was so sad for his mother and father. He makes a lot of trouble and so he don’t see neither of his parents. This touching story came from an 8-year girl, who lived with his brother in one of the foster homes in Sofia.
During the first meetings at the Atelier the child barely spoke. We only knew that the children alone took care of their sick grandmother, and a father who abused them. The girl cooked, and the boy brought firewood. This is not an imaginative tearjerker, this was the life of the two children. But when placed in the foster home, they went back to school, started visiting the Atelier and happily participated in more and more of its activities.


Dear Friends,
All of you, you have not written of those children, you know that even small steps can make a difference, that good triggers good, so please plug in the campaign


Why? We created “Hug Me” Atelier 11 years ago to give a chance to our abandoned children, to show them the life they been denied. The Atelier is a cozy and beautiful place which they are happy to visit. Here they find friends – artists, actors, writers and journalists and jointly draw, read, illustrate fairy tales, make rag dolls and silk angels. They learn to be capable. They learn to have faith. They learn to have a future.


How? Anyone who wants to support us, can donate 1 lev per month by sending a donation text message with text DMS ATELIE to the unified donation number 17777. Then one should check in through the email of the Association: pregarni_me@abv.bg. Our hope is to gather about 2,000 followers to commit to send in a text message each month between the 20th and 25th. In turn, the Association commits every month to remind you through email to send a donation text message. The “Hug Me” Atelier website and Facebook site will show pictures and images of everything that children have read, learned and crafted with your money.
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