The beginning

We created “Hug Me” Atelier to give a chance to our abandoned children, to show them the life they been denied. The Atelier is a cozy and beautiful place which they are happy to visit. Here they find friends – artists, actors, writers and journalists and jointly draw, read, illustrate fairy tales, make rag dolls and silk angels. They learn to be capable. They learn to have faith. They learn to have a future.

Atelier "Hug Me" opened in the summer of 2005

In the first four years we arranged courses in weaving and sewing in which the children and the teachers together made several collections of ethnic costumes in contemporary style. Gradually in the following years we added different and exciting activities in fine and applied arts, reading, additions and illustrations of fairy tales, stories and poems, theatre workshops, literary and cinema meetings. Besides costumes, children started making their first art objects – angel dolls, slippers, socks, belts, bags, art books, as well as “child copies” of paintings by famous artists like Picasso, Gauguin, Matisse, Degas, Andi Warhol Hundertvasser, Klimt, etc. Every year we included about 30 new children and young people living in orphanages and institutions in the activities of the Atelier.

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